Sponsorship Programme


Why the Sponsorship Programme?

The Sponsorship Programme allows you effectively to help a child in need. You can help these children to get out of poverty and give them the most valuable asset: education.

Engaging in a Sponsorship Programme means to guaranteed access to primary and secondary education (up to the tenth grade) for all those children who enter the programme.


Who are the beneficiaries?

Most of the children of the Sponsorship Programme belong to the caste of the untouchables and live in the slums of Vijayawada, in huts made of palm leaves or metal sheet, if they are lucky. Their houses have only one room, which serves as kitchen, bedroom and living room for the whole family. Children eat rice mostly and sleep on the floor on mats, along with all the other family members. They are often forced to work as garbage collectors or brick builder; girls have to stay at home and help with the chores, if they are not sold as brides.

Thanks to you, these children attend Care & Share schools in the slums from nursery up to the twelfth grade. If they want, they continue their studies and go to university or choose a professional course.

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How is money spent?

  • School
  • support for family
  • support for community
  • India costs

What do I get?

When you become a sponsor, you will be given:

1) our welcome kit with all the  information  concerning the Sponsorship Programme

2) your child’s information card

3) two letters from your child during the year

C&S Foundation will also send you information and updates regarding  your child, the situation in Vijayawada and the projects ongoing.


How do I become a sponsor?

Join the Sponsorship Programme today. With less than 1 € per day, you will be supporting a child of the slums of Vijayawada. You can join the Sponsorship Programme in several ways:

1) Activate now the Sponsorship Programme.

2) Send us an email at: csfoundation@careshare.org

3) Fill out the form and book our contact. We will contact you at your most convenient time.